Healing Through S.O.N.A.R.

God built within us the ability to heal ourselves. If the communication between the brain and body becomes disrupted, this ability degrades. The atlas is the top bone in the neck. It houses and protects the brainstem and upper spinal cord, which is the communication center between the brain and body. When the atlas misaligns, it irritates the delicate nerve tissue. The result is posture shifts and miscommunication between the brain and the body.

When the atlas is out of it proper position it creates body imbalance from head to toe. As the vertebrae are rotated out of position, they twist your entire spinal structure, including the pelvis, so that one leg appears shorter than the other. Not having your atlas corrected to restore body balance is like continuing to drive a car that is out of alignment. Over time, everything is going to break down. You can keep replacing the tires, but unless you have the car aligned, you'll just be wasting your money. Similarly you can keep taking medication, but if your atlas is out of its proper position, causing the problem, you're not going to get well until you get your atlas corrected.

Another serious result of a misaligned atlas is the restriction or distortion of critical messages at the brainstem and upper-spinal cord, disrupting the brain's communication. Every cell, organ, or tissue that is not receiving adequate nerve energy and communication from the brain will suffer and degenerate.

SONAR upper Cervical Chiropractic is a system of health care that treats the brainstem and upper-spinal cord misalignment. The most direct way to improve your health is by removing the elements that interfere with normal body function.