Chiropractic Symptom: Acid Reflux


I was having problems walking with a limp and lots of pain in my sternum. These problems as well as arthritis I think were caused by the bypass surgery I had. I have had chest pains for around 20 years but it was much more identifiable after the surgery, and have just been in constant pain. I was seeing several doctors before I came here. I saw my general MD Dr. Brown for acid reflux, and he put me on Nexium. Then I saw a cardiologist by the name of Dr. Weitzel. He gave me five stints and did a triple bypass but gave me no treatment for my arthritis.

Then I went to see Dr. Mary Schrick around March and she sent me here to Elliott Center of Chiropractic. Dr Brennan is my doctor and I only get chest pain once a week or so and I have noticed an amazing decrease in my blood pressure. I have been treated for blood pressure for over 20 years. I have seen very high blood pressure readings due to stress alone. I had panic attacks and severe bouts with tachyacardia. I was on beta-blockers and epically colon. I have seen blood pressure readings as high as 230/195. That put me in the hospital and I was given shots in the stomach. For the last several years I have been on accupul 40mg twice daily, atenolol 50mg twice daily, and novvasc 10mg daily. And about 8 other meds to try to get my top number under 140, which have been mostly unsuccessful.

After getting put back in alignment by Dr. Brennan, I have started seeing miraculous changes in my blood pressure. I'm seeing 120/80, 116/67 which is my new average, and I've even seen a 99/46. The only change that has been made are the SONAR adjustments. My wife and I both are feeling much better.

PS - I was even told that I was crazy and really didn't have chest pains.