Chiropractic Symptom: Back Pain

Dear Dr. Elliott,

I started having occasional trouble with my back in 1958. Since then I have seen chiropractors all over the United States. I have used the overall adjustments, Toggle-Recoil, and N.U.C.C.A. procedures.

Over the last twelve years, my back has become a monumental problem. It would go out and the pain would be excruciating. I had to be helped to even get to the bathroom. I was in bed most of the time.

I made progress when I could use a chiropractor that used N.U.C C.A. method; however, I never held an adjustment more than a week or two.

I recently had one instrument adjustment by Dr. Elliott and so far the adjustment has held for 6 weeks. How much longer the adjustment will hold remains to be determined.

I feel that the instrument adjustment method is the most successful way to be adjusted and would highly recommend it to other patients. It is completely painless and so very beneficial.

I thank God each day for leading me to Dr. Elliott. My husband and I are even considering moving to Tulsa so that I may continue to live pain free and enjoy my life.