Chiropractic Symptom: Cancer

Dr. Elliott, Dr. Sprague and Staff,

Words cannot express how thankful I am for having met you and your staff.

Since 1970, I have lived in constant severe pain and often the pain was so unbearable it was debilitating for days, weeks and even up to this year. I searched high and low in all places, and even used Chiropractors who adjusted me by hand. Finally, twenty-four years later in 1994, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and breast cancer. However, the treatment for fibromyalgia did not prove to be very successful so as a result I had to retire from my job.

As you know, on May 20th, a driver of a truck went through the red light and struck my side if the car in which I was riding. Needless to say, that the impact from the truck added more severe pain to my already existing pain. So I endured pain extending from the top of my head, into temples, ears, jaw bone, my whole back, and all the way down to the end of my toes. I was also sleep deprived even though I was taking a prescription to induce sleep.

Later, a MRI shows a protruding disk between ribs three and four. Since I have thinning of the bones, my doctor is uncomfortable about adjusting me using the hands-on method. So at my suggestion, I was referred to a massage therapist. Although, it was soothing for a while; it didn't last very long. Therefore, she ordered and epidural but made it clear that three would be the limit. I wasn't very pleased about it, but the pain was so severe until I quickly accepted. The first two didn't prove to be very helpful because the severe pain came right back in a few days. After a third epidural was suggested, I began seeking other solutions because the pain was unbearable, and I could not find a comfortable position for sleeping.

Just so happened, I heard about your chiropractic center by way of the radio one Sunday morning. Immediately, I called the next day and made an appointment which proved to be the best thing for my body that had been marinating the pain. I was so thrilled with the clear and understanding way you explained my x-rays and your procedures for putting my painful body back together. It made so much sense to me.

I was overjoyed that you could put me back in place without using the old hand-adjustment method which may have done further damage to me at that point.

To my surprise, you actually made the correction on the first visit, but you also helped me understand that time and patience are required. As you know my atlas, shoulder, ribs, knees, and feet were way out of balance, with one leg being 7/8 longer than the other one. No wonder, I was always felt that I was leaning to one side before my correction. Thanks for suggestion the water pillow because it has made a big plus in helping keep the pressure off my disk while I'm sleeping. Also, my fibromyalgia and circulation has greatly improved.

I instantly realized that the S.O.N.A.R. instrument is the for me and not the hand adjustment method that I tried for twenty years. As you know, I recommend this form of treatment to everyone who has back problems.

I want to thank all of you for your expertise, your kindness, and caring matter.