Chiropractic Symptom: Chiropractic Care for Children

Dearest Doctors of Elliott SONAR!

This is a long overdue letter of deep appreciation for all you have done for me over the years. In May of 2000, I came to you in pain. Your precise x-rays and wise discernment revealed that a hawk had knocked me off my feet and way out of alignment! Do you remember my story? I actually had talon holes in my scalp, as well as a concussion! Anyway, after a painless SONAR adjustment [and 2 days of my internal organs re-adjusting], I began to enjoy a pain-free existence and even had an added bonus of finally conceiving and bearing children at 40 years of age! My wondrous gift from God - 14 month old Stephen Joseph is a constant reminder that God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask or imagine!

My usually happy boy showed out a couple weeks shy of his first birthday. His symptoms are easy to read: sleeplessness, crying without overt cause, and clumsiness/seeming off balance. Dr. Elliott personally hand-manipulated my son's atlas into place. Stephen is calm and aware during his adjustments. I can rest in the knowledge that my son is receiving all the health benefits of a properly-aligned atlas! As am I. I cannot close this heartfelt letter without mentioning your invariable kind and efficient staff, too. They have the pleasant ability to make an appointment feel like I am visiting friends! The doctor's office is a blessing to me and countless others. Thanks to you all, for each of you is a Jewel.

In much love and gratitude,