Chiropractic Symptom: Eye Problems


  1. Leg Cramps diminished, then stopped
  2. Posture Improvement
  3. I'm attracted to exercising: before, I couldn't make myself exercise
  4. Better Appetite
  5. Better Digestion
  6. Better general attitude
  7. I like people more
  8. Better able to take on tasks
  9. Much more energy and endurance
  10. Less distraction and confusion
  11. Less need to be in control
  12. Better able to take on projects
  13. Less Condemning/Evaluating
  14. I'm more peaceful, more forgiving
  15. I'm more patient
  16. Less ADS characteristics
  17. More peace in my cells
  18. Less fear
  19. Less need to be ready to attack
  20. Sounder sleep
  21. Better eyesight
  22. More flexible-less pain
  23. I can handle more variables without going nuts
  24. I can stand on one foot, and hold the other knee up to my chest while I tie my shoe. I haven't been able to do that for quite a while!
  25. Greater awareness of surroundings: At the church where I have been the pianist for the last eight months, I walked in this morning and saw 4 beautiful chairs in the fellowship area that I had never seen before-and they were the only chairs in the room! I also saw a bench just recently been brought in. He said they had been there ever since he had! Then I explained to him that I was becoming more aware - and why. I'm sure he was relieved - he probably thought I was losing it!

I really appreciate what you are doing for me.



I started treatment at Elliott SONAR because I was having constant back pain. The pain was in my lower and upper back and the pain would spread to my shoulders and feet. It was affecting my everyday life. I had a car wreck in 1980 and I have experienced pain ever since. I am also a retired police officer of 31 years and wearing a 15-pound gun belt had kept my back constantly aggravated. Just getting in and out of the police car all day became a chore and was very painful. My back pain became so severe that I had to give up one of my favorite hobbies, golf. The pain was so constant that most days I just didn't feel like doing anything, which was unlike my personality.

I did see an Orthopedic doctor and had 6 weeks of Physical therapy treatment and he told me that I would always have back pain, but my problems were muscular and that surgery was not an option. I became very discouraged until my mother-in-law told me about the SONAR treatment she received from Dr. Sprague at Elliott Chiropractic. My mother-in-law could barely walk due to two knee replacements. After treatment now she can get around great. Also, my son was having eye trouble and migraine headaches and after treatment he has had no recent headaches. The treatment had changed both the lives of my son and my mother-in-law. Seeing this I had to give it a try.

Dr. Sprague was extremely caring about my pain and very efficient and informative on how this treatment could help me. After, my first SONAR treatment and the Myomatic I instantly felt so much better. My pain had greatly improved which made me feel like being active again. I had no idea that the SONAR and Myomatic treatment would work on so many areas of my body. I had been resigned to just endure the pain for the rest of my life. Now several weeks later after my first correction I believe my pain will completely go away and stay gone. I also believe my body has a chance to heal now that I am under treatment with Dr. Sprague.