Chiropractic Symptom: General Pain

Dear Doctors and Staff,

I want to say a very special thank you for the way you have already changed my life. Going hurting all the time to pain free after only one treatment is a miracle. You made me feel that all of you truly care about me, a rare experience in this day and time. Professional yet, personable.



I came to Dr. Tom Elliott for my adjustment. I had lost my voice - within 15 minutes after my adjustment my voice came back.



I would like to take a few moments to give you a little history about myself and commend you on the results of your years invested in improving upper cervical adjustments.

I have had a long history of problems for about the past twenty years with my back and neck. I have been to Neurologists, Orthopedic surgeons, Doctors of Osteopath and Chiropractors that adjusted the full spine. All without significant improvement. I then found out about N.U.C.C.A and Blair adjustments of the upper cervical. I have searched for the best in the field and have been adjusted in Farmington New Mexico, Fort Worth Texas, Joplin Missouri, and Tulsa Oklahoma, by hand with some degree of improvement. All the Upper Cervical Chiropractors said that I had extremely hard adjustment which I now believe could not be totally performed by hand. The SONAR machine makes this adjustment possible and makes it possible for me to hold my adjustment for longer periods of time, so I will have a greater chance of improvement in my health and a better quality of life.

Sincerely yours,


Since I was a little girl, I started going to a Chiropractor in San Francisco for passing out. I was relieved for a few years but later in life I had back problems, was always uncomfortable with the methods. In a month I would be hurting again. The first time I saw Dr. Elliott about 9 years ago now, I stayed in alignment and continued to get a little better. I've stayed in adjustment as long as two years even after a bad fall on ice breaking my collar bone and other injuries. The SONAR machine has been miraculous as well. I live 2 hours away but hope I will be able to come another 67 years if needed.

I thank my Lord for Dr. Elliott, Dr Sprague and staff.



To Whom It May Concern:

Over thirty years ago I introduced to upper-cervical Vertebra treatment. That was the best day of life.

I had just returned home from going to the market and was in the process of putting groceries away. I was standing on a footstool reaching high into the cabinet when the footstool slipped out from under me. I landed on both feet with a severe pain in my lower back. I was unable to move both legs because both legs were numb. I reached for the phone and immediately called my Chiropractor. A friend drove me to his office. He carried me into the adjustment room. After my adjustment I could feel the blood rushing down my legs. After a few minutes he helped me stand up, and I walked out of his office.

My business partner had been having trouble with her arms going numb and she was very restless at night. She told me that the Army physicians were unable to help her. She had been on medication for years without really feeling better. I suggested she talk to my Chiropractor. Her comment, Oh, I've been to Chiropractors they have never been able to help me. My reply to her was, Well, you haven't been to my Chiropractor. She talked to her husband and decided to make an appointment with my Chiropractor. The rest needless to say is history.



Dr. Elliott, Dr. Sprague and Staff,

Words cannot express how thankful I am for having met you and your staff.

Since 1970, I have lived in constant severe pain and often the pain was so unbearable it was debilitating for days, weeks and even up to this year. I searched high and low in all places, and even used Chiropractors who adjusted me by hand. Finally, twenty-four years later in 1994, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and breast cancer. However, the treatment for fibromyalgia did not prove to be very successful so as a result I had to retire from my job.

As you know, on May 20th, a driver of a truck went through the red light and struck my side if the car in which I was riding. Needless to say, that the impact from the truck added more severe pain to my already existing pain. So I endured pain extending from the top of my head, into temples, ears, jaw bone, my whole back, and all the way down to the end of my toes. I was also sleep deprived even though I was taking a prescription to induce sleep.

Later, a MRI shows a protruding disk between ribs three and four. Since I have thinning of the bones, my doctor is uncomfortable about adjusting me using the hands-on method. So at my suggestion, I was referred to a massage therapist. Although, it was soothing for a while; it didn't last very long. Therefore, she ordered and epidural but made it clear that three would be the limit. I wasn't very pleased about it, but the pain was so severe until I quickly accepted. The first two didn't prove to be very helpful because the severe pain came right back in a few days. After a third epidural was suggested, I began seeking other solutions because the pain was unbearable, and I could not find a comfortable position for sleeping.

Just so happened, I heard about your chiropractic center by way of the radio one Sunday morning. Immediately, I called the next day and made an appointment which proved to be the best thing for my body that had been marinating the pain. I was so thrilled with the clear and understanding way you explained my x-rays and your procedures for putting my painful body back together. It made so much sense to me.

I was overjoyed that you could put me back in place without using the old hand-adjustment method which may have done further damage to me at that point.

To my surpass, you actually made the correction on the first visit, but you also helped me understand that time and patience are required. As you know my atlas, shoulder, ribs, knees, and feet were way out of balance, with one leg being 7/8 longer than the other one. No wonder, I was always felt that I was leaning to one side before my correction. Thanks for suggestion the water pillow because it has made a big plus in helping keep the pressure off my disk while I'm sleeping. Also, my fibromyalgia and circulation has greatly improved.

I instantly realized that the S.O.N.A.R. instrument is the for me and not the hand adjustment method that I tried for twenty years. As you know, I recommend this form of treatment to everyone who has back problems.

I want to thank all of you for your expertise, your kindness, and caring matter.



Dear Dr. Elliott,

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to sit down and write my story out on paper. For a long time it has been rather hard to look at much less put down in to words. It has almost been a year now since I met you staff, how time flies when you're not in pain.

A Brief History

I slipped at work on some salad dressing and messed up my right knee. What seemed like a simple slip turned out to be the beginning of a long and painful nightmare. I went through the normal course of treatments, P.T., rest, medications. All the while the pain in my knee got worse. They sent me to a new doctor and after more of the same; they decided to scope my knee. A year later after more pain and another surgery they came to the conclusion I had R.S.D.

Over the next four years I would go to two different pain clinics, had numerous spinal injections, up to eleven different medications at one time just to control the pain and the side effects of other medication that I was on. I also have a dorsal spinal stimulator trial, had to go through a medical detox just to get off all the stuff that was supposed to make me better. I saw at least thirteen different specialists over this period and it just got worse. I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia and something else. [I can't remember] I tried herbs, acupuncture, chiropractors, meditation, yoga, and alternative medicine available. The doctors were now saying that I needed a morphine pump in my body.

After being back on pain medication and watching my life pass before my eyes, I decided enough was enough. I took myself off of the medication, and made an appointment with you.


Headaches, severe neck pain, temp change in leg, sleeplessness, back pain, loss of hair on leg, chronic pain, depression

After my first adjustment the results were unbelievable. I felt two inches taller, my nerve pain in my legs was gone, the headaches gone, and the pain in my knee gone. I was a little sore but I was a new person. After returning home to K.C., I had fallen down the bottom three stairs one night carrying an am full of bedding. I lay there for a moment then begin to laugh. Nothing snapped, popped nor broke. I came to Tulsa to get checked out just in case, and I had held my alignment.

In the last year the hair on my leg is growing back, the hypersensitivity in my knee is gone; my nails are back to normal without the holes or ridges. My muscle tone is back, I sleep great, and I can do anything I want to whenever I want to.

I even went snow skiing this year. You, your amazing machine, and God have given me my life back. I thank you, my husband thanks you and my son Luke thanks you for all you did, and most for being open to hear and listen to what the Lord told you to do and being obedient to him.



Dear Dr. Elliott, Dr. Sprague & Staff,

I just want to thank God and you for the wonderful care I have received at the Chiropractic Center. After the third treatment I was able to walk normal. I had been in a wheel chair since May 2002. I have been on crutches for a year. I thank God for the people he sent to my church that recommended the Elliott Chiropractic Center to me.

Thank you all again, for the good care and all the encouragement. It is a joy to pass on the good news and encouragement to you with this letter.



I started treatment at Elliott SONAR because I was having constant back pain. The pain was in my lower and upper back and the pain would spread to my shoulders and feet. It was affecting my everyday life. I had a car wreck in 1980 and I have experienced pain ever since. I am also a retired police officer of 31 years and wearing a 15-pound gun belt had kept my back constantly aggravated. Just getting in and out of the police car all day became a chore and was very painful. My back pain became so severe that I had to give up one of my favorite hobbies, golf. The pain was so constant that most days I just didn't feel like doing anything, which was unlike my personality.

I did see an Orthopedic doctor and had 6 weeks of Physical therapy treatment and he told me that I would always have back pain, but my problems were muscular and that surgery was not an option. I became very discouraged until my mother-in-law told me about the SONAR treatment she received from Dr. Sprague at Elliott Chiropractic. My mother-in-law could barely walk due to two knee replacements. After treatment now she can get around great. Also, my son was having eye trouble and migraine headaches and after treatment he has had no recent headaches. The treatment had changed both the lives of my son and my mother-in-law. Seeing this I had to give it a try.

Dr. Sprague was extremely caring about my pain and very efficient and informative on how this treatment could help me. After, my first SONAR treatment and the Myomatic I instantly felt so much better. My pain had greatly improved which made me feel like being active again. I had no idea that the SONAR and Myomatic treatment would work on so many areas of my body. I had been resigned to just endure the pain for the rest of my life. Now several weeks later after my first correction I believe my pain will completely go away and stay gone. I also believe my body has a chance to heal now that I am under treatment with Dr. Sprague.