Chiropractic Symptom: Hip Pain


I first came to the Elliott SONAR clinic because I was having terrible pain in my hips and legs. This made me very wobbly on my feet and also had intense fatigue. My medical doctor could not find any problems with me, even though I had all kinds of tests. I had many specialists and even different kinds of chiropractic but nothing helped longer than temporarily. Over the years I have had a lot of trauma such as automobile accidents, falls, wrong doctors and wrong types of treatments. When I first came in I had the pain in the hips and legs for 6 months and the other had been bad for over a year. I truly feel it is not good to always be in pain and tired. It is very important to feel good. I was told about you by my brother-in-law and sister and started care in June. I met with the Doctor and found him to be a very caring and skilled doctor.

The pain and inflammation left my hips and legs. I no longer have to take anything for the pain! I am getting much stronger, walking better, no longer have the extreme fatigue. I even noticed my dizziness stop. I also don't have to take any blood pressure meds because my blood pressure is excellent. I thank my Lord Jesus!

I think everyone would greatly benefit from this and continued maintenance from SONAR. I think the benefits have far reaching health and emotional effect on life and well being, which is a gift from God.