Chiropractic Symptom: Leg Pain

January 11th, 2007

I had pain in my lower back that began 10 years ago and was getting considerably worse over the last year. When I first came in to the Elliott SONAR Clinic, I was in severe pain. This pain interfered with all my daily activities. I was in constant pain whether I was moving or not. I went to several medical doctors and even a pain management doctor. They performed spinal injections and even did a disc removal. However, I was still in pain.

My wife told me about the clinic and I went in on November 6th. I was seen by Dr. Lori Sprague. She is a wonderful doctor, always kind and thoughtful. After my first correction I was pain free. As I write this, it has been 2 months already and I may have occasional pain but I am 1000 percent better than before treatment. My wife is also a patient of Dr. Sprague's and she has seen tremendous results in her hip and back pain. We see Dr. Sprague on a regular basis. I am very happy with my results and I have gotten at Elliott SONAR Clinic. I would highly recommend that everyone try this advanced technique of chiropractic care. We come from Oklahoma City and it's worth the drive even if it was twice as far. I would never go anywhere else for Chiropractic care.




  1. Leg Cramps diminished, then stopped
  2. Posture Improvement
  3. I'm attracted to exercising: before, I couldn't make myself exercise
  4. Better Appetite
  5. Better Digestion
  6. Better general attitude
  7. I like people more
  8. Better able to take on tasks
  9. Much more energy and endurance
  10. Less distraction and confusion
  11. Less need to be in control
  12. Better able to take on projects
  13. Less Condemning/Evaluating
  14. I'm more peaceful, more forgiving
  15. I'm more patient
  16. Less ADS characteristics
  17. More peace in my cells
  18. Less fear
  19. Less need to be ready to attack
  20. Sounder sleep
  21. Better eyesight
  22. More flexible-less pain
  23. I can handle more variables without going nuts
  24. I can stand on one foot, and hold the other knee up to my chest while I tie my shoe. I haven't been able to do that for quite a while!
  25. Greater awareness of surroundings: At the church where I have been the pianist for the last eight months, I walked in this morning and saw 4 beautiful chairs in the fellowship area that I had never seen before-and they were the only chairs in the room! I also saw a bench just recently been brought in. He said they had been there ever since he had! Then I explained to him that I was becoming more aware-and why. I'm sure he was relieved-he probably thought I was losing it!

I really appreciate what you are doing for me.


I thought I was going to have a massive heart attack or stroke. All symptoms such as arm pain across my back, my legs, pain up the neck to my head convinced me I would die. Who knows what the result of my problem was, maybe an auto accident, a fall, a jar, or an emotional shock. However there was an extreme emotional stress ever present. I started with hurting numbness in my legs and arms. I just couldn't move unless I had to, I had absolutely no energy!! I wanted to die! I prayed. I had these problems for 2 years. I had no normal life, no activities. I hurt the people in my life because I was so angry and in so much pain physically and emotionally and I though I was going to die. I told no one because I knew they wouldn't believe me. I went to two doctors and they just put me on pain meds and wanted to operate on me, and the other did a stress test and blood work, poking needles up and down both my arms, and the nurse called 2 weeks later and said nothing was wrong.

I had listened to Dr. Mary Schrick for 2 years and one day after God and I had had a serious talk, I went to see her the day after that, and she immediately got up and called you. I started care at Elliott SONAR on September 26, 2006. Elliott SONAR and the Doctor's are great. I feel like God put an angel in my life. They gentle and caring. They just really cares for people. On September 28th at 4:28pm I woke up with no pain anywhere and I could roll over - I woke up alive again and I feel like my life is meaningful again. I'm trying to get my family here and other people also. I'm on a mission for people who think there's no hope. I feel so sad for them, there are many many out there. I haven't been into any classes, I told the Doctor's I might just move here to help! This place, most importantly the people with their loving eyes smiles and care have been as precious to me as anything in my healing. I don't have enough paper to tell how this treatment has helped me, but I am laughing again.


I first came to the Elliott SONAR clinic because I was having terrible pain in my hips and legs. This made me very wobbly on my feet and also had intense fatigue. My medical doctor could not find any problems with me, even though I had all kinds of tests. I had many specialists and even different kinds of chiropractic but nothing helped longer than temporarily. Over the years I have had a lot of trauma such as automobile accidents, falls, wrong doctors and wrong types of treatments. When I first came in I had the pain in the hips and legs for 6 months and the other had been bad for over a year. I truly feel it is not good to always be in pain and tired. It is very important to feel good. I was told about you by my brother-in-law and sister and started care in June. I met with the Doctor and found him to be a very caring and skilled doctor.

The pain and inflammation left my hips and legs. I no longer have to take anything for the pain! I am getting much stronger, walking better, no longer have the extreme fatigue. I even noticed my dizziness stop. I also don't have to take any blood pressure meds because my blood pressure is excellent. I thank my Lord Jesus!

I think everyone would greatly benefit from this and continued maintenance from SONAR. I think the benefits have far reaching health and emotional effect on life and well being, which is a gift from God.