Chiropractic Symptom: Migraines

To Doctors & Staff:

The reason for this letter is to express some of the help I have received from your treatment.

First of all I would like to commend your entire staff on their warm and friendly attitude. As for my treatment, I have had chronic low back pain for years, due to curvature of the spine, auto injury, incorrect lifting and have had to wear a heel pad in my left shoe. I also have TMJ, neck and shoulder pain. Have had classic migraines since the age of 12 years old.

Since the first week of treatment I have not had but one flare-up of low back pain and that was because I over did some yard work. [Edging and sweeping]

My TMJ is much improved; shoulders and neck are progressively getting better. Had some soreness next day, but nothing compared to hand-adjusting. Range of motion in neck is great. I have not had a migraine since I started treatment. I also have been sleeping better [a more restful sleep]. I have been able to leave the heel pad out of my shoe.

One thing in addition to getting better is that this treatment itself is painless.

Well, that's kind of a rough draft of the help I've received from your chiropractic care.

Thank you and God bless,


Dr. Elliott and Dr. Sprague,

I have gone from approximately 3 grand-mal seizures a day to no seizures, thanks to my visits to Tulsa. My migraines are much better and I'm walking straight.

A Brief History

3 hospital stays, migraines about 4 days, major leg cramps, frozen or paralyzed hands, dystonia, skin rash, unbelievable strength when hands and legs cramp or lock, head tremors, violent head shaking,ect.

My Recent Hospital Visits

My doctors [neurologists] admitted not knowing what to do with me. They tried lots of medication-nothing worked. Then one last medication attempt in Wichita Falls, Texas hospital. IV-which threw me into grand-mal seizures [before the IV, I only had frozen hands]. I went by Ambulance to Dallas-having 2 big seizures on the way [non-epileptic]. In Dallas, with teams of neurologists diagnosed me with Conversion Disorder stress induced. Medication and Psychologist to follow. I missed 3 weeks of work and had [after returning home] 3 seizures a day. Nothing was helping. I heard of Tulsa through Dr. Mary Schrick in Oklahoma City. I wasn't able to walk unassisted. I needed help.

First Visit to Tulsa

You helped me to feel better about myself-you let me know it wasn't all stress. My x-rays showed brain stem injury [probably from snow ski injury in February 2001]. I walked in with help. The Next day, I walked straight with no help, NO seizures, no migraines, and no leg cramps. Unbelievable! After the 3rd visit, I'm so much better!!! I returned to work 2 days after my first treatment. We're all amazed! I even coached softball cam last week-less than 2 months from my 1st visit to you! I'm getting my life activities back and I don't need medication or psychologist [or medical doctors] at this point. Your staff is great. I have friends coming to you also with great results.

Thanks for everything!