Chiropractic Symptom: Neck Pain

Dear Dr. Lori,

I hope your birthday was happy yesterday! I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the way you helped me feel better, both physically and mentally. I never knew much about the bones in my body, except that if they hurt you'd best go to a chiropractic clinic and get them knocked back in place.

I had the accident in November and never a day went by that I could actually say I felt good. I was convinced that my head, neck and shoulder pain was expected. After all, I had to fractures and a concussion, so I couldn't expect to feel the same. My medical doctor told me nothing's wrong that he can find so just take Ibuprofen. Which I did. But it didn't take the pain away. Finally it was more pressure than actual pain. I was pooped all the time and had no energy, but had to go on. I have a husband and three teenage boys living at home, so it takes a lot of work just to keep up with the house work, baking, cooking, cleaning, sewing, and laundry. Then spring came and time for garden and flower beds. I have always had lots of flowers and loved to tend to them. This summer I had to force myself and my flowers are nothing to proud of.

I got to the place where I didn't want to go anywhere and if we were with a group of friends or relatives I would often take a child and or a few children and play them, go for a walk or just tell them a story. I just got nervous sitting and trying to relax. In plain words I did not enjoy life. I prayed for for Lord to help me and show me what to do. I guess I was in a state of depression. I often cried for no reason, it seemed but I hurt. Some people just couldn't understand so one day I was talking with Aunt Susie and I started crying, she wondered what was wrong and I said I don't know. Then I broke down and told her how I felt, that was the first time I really allowed myself to tell anyone.

So she said You need help, and you need it now! She said If the MD's say nothing's wrong I'm going she is going to take me to you. I hesitated because I knew I couldn't without my husband's permission. I also knew he was a found believer in the rough chiropractors. I couldn't blame him, he grew up in a family that all took treatments. [And all had bad back problems now] Susie made an appointment right there before I left her house. And I kept praying for an answer for the next two week, and my husband said I may go. Although he didn't getting expect me to get help.

Now here I am on August 17th feeling like a new person. So I can't thank the Lord enough for all he's done and also Susie and certainly you and Dr. Elliot for everything you've done. I had no idea what shape I was in, but it must have been bad, because I sure feel a lot better now.

Thank you for also helping my brother yesterday he was hurting so bad and was very miserable sitting four hours in Susie's car. But on the way home he talked and laughed like everyone else.



June 16, 2006

For six weeks I had severe low back pain that extended down my groin and into my leg. It affected my walking and I couldn't sleep well. I was on lots of pain pills. I don't know what caused the pain, but several years before I had a horse fall on me. I went to my doctor and he diagnosed it as arthritis. He gave me a prescription but it didn't work. My brother told me about Elliott SONAR Clinic, so I gave them a call. I saw Dr. Sprague and after my correction, I could walk great with absolutely no pain. I appreciate what everyone has done for me and staff is very friendly. I am now telling everyone I know about my experience and how well I feel.



I was having bad shoulder pain that I'm assuming was caused by just the general wear and tear of life, or stress, or perhaps a car accident I had, I'm not really sure. I began around 6 to 9 months ago having tightness and soreness in my left shoulder. The constant pain kept me from being creative and from wanting to do every day chores or jobs. I was constantly trying to find a way to become comfortable. I found out about Elliott Center of Chiropractic thorough a friend who was already a patient and began my care in April of 2007. I see Dr. Lori Sprague and she is very caring and super gentle.

I was 11 degrees out of alignment, which is significant to say the least, and it took several treatments for my body to stay in alignment. The first treatment realigned my spine, but my muscles didn't like their new location, so it took them a while to build up the strength to keep me in alignment. My son Randy has ankle losening ipodalites, an arthritis condition. His first treatment got him back in alignment and he stayed in and he is doing great. I really feel that everyone could benefit from this treatment and we need to give our bodies time to heal. We abuse our bodies through the years of life and we shouldn't expect immediate results but with Elliott SONAR treatment and time we can alleviate that pain. Being out of alignment can cause many different pains and it could manifest itself in a week area so I really feel we should keep and open mind to this kind of treatment, I personally am very pleased with my results.



Dear Dr. Elliott,

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to sit down and write my story out on paper. For a long time it has been rather hard to look at much less put down in to words. It has almost been a year now since I met you staff, how time flies when you're not in pain.

A Brief History

I slipped at work on some salad dressing and messed up my right knee. What seemed like a simple slip turned out to be the beginning of a long and painful nightmare. I went through the normal course of treatments, P.T., rest, medications. All the while the pain in my knee got worse. They sent me to a new doctor and after more of the same; they decided to scope my knee. A year later after more pain and another surgery they came to the conclusion I had R.S.D.

Over the next four years I would go to two different pain clinics, had numerous spinal injections, up to eleven different medications at one time just to control the pain and the side effects of other medication that I was on. I also have a dorsal spinal stimulator trial, had to go through a medical detox just to get off all the stuff that was supposed to make me better. I saw at least thirteen different specialists over this period and it just got worse. I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia and something else. [I can't remember] I tried herbs, acupuncture, chiropractors, meditation, yoga, and alternative medicine available. The doctors were now saying that I needed a morphine pump in my body.

After being back on pain medication and watching my life pass before my eyes, I decided enough was enough. I took myself off of the medication, and made an appointment with you.


Headaches, severe neck pain, temp change in leg, sleeplessness, back pain, loss of hair on leg, chronic pain, depression

After my first adjustment the results were unbelievable. I felt two inches taller, my nerve pain in my legs was gone, the headaches gone, and the pain in my knee gone. I was a little sore but I was a new person. After returning home to K.C., I had fallen down the bottom three stairs one night carrying an am full of bedding. I lay there for a moment then begin to laugh. Nothing snapped, popped nor broke. I came to Tulsa to get checked out just in case, and I had held my alignment.

In the last year the hair on my leg is growing back, the hypersensitivity in my knee is gone; my nails are back to normal without the holes or ridges . My muscle tone is back, I sleep great, and I can do anything I want to whenever I want to.

I even went snow skiing this year. You, your amazing machine, and God have given me my life back. I thank you, my husband thanks you and my son Luke thanks you for all you did, and most for being open to hear and listen to what the Lord told you to do and being obedient to him.