Chiropractic Symptom: Numbness


I thought I was going to have a massive heart attack or stroke. All symptoms such as arm pain across my back, my legs, pain up the neck to my head convinced me I would die. Who knows what the result of my problem was, maybe an auto accident, a fall, a jar, or an emotional shock. However there was an extreme emotional stress ever present. I started with hurting numbness in my legs and arms. I just couldn't move unless I had to, I had absolutely no energy!! I wanted to die! I prayed. I had these problems for 2 years. I had no normal life, no activities. I hurt the people in my life because I was so angry and in so much pain physically and emotionally and I though I was going to die. I told no one because I knew they wouldn't believe me. I went to two doctors and they just put me on pain meds and wanted to operate on me, and the other did a stress test and blood work, poking needles up and down both my arms, and the nurse called 2 weeks later and said nothing was wrong.

I had listened to Dr. Mary Schrick for 2 years and one day after God and I had had a serious talk, I went to see her the day after that, and she immediately got up and called you. I started care at Elliott SONAR on September 26, 2006. Elliott SONAR and the Doctor's are great. I feel like God put an angel in my life. They gentle and caring. They just really cares for people. On September 28th at 4:28pm I woke up with no pain anywhere and I could roll over - I woke up alive again and I feel like my life is meaningful again. I'm trying to get my family here and other people also. I'm on a mission for people who think there's no hope. I feel so sad for them, there are many many out there. I haven't been into any classes, I told the Doctor's I might just move here to help! This place, most importantly the people with their loving eyes smiles and care have been as precious to me as anything in my healing. I don't have enough paper to tell how this treatment has helped me, but I am laughing again


To Whom It May Concern:

Over thirty years ago I was introduced to upper-cervical Vertebra treatment. That was the best day of life.

I had just returned home from going to the market and was in the process of putting groceries away. I was standing on a footstool reaching high into the cabinet when the footstool slipped out from under me. I landed on both feet with a severe pain in my lower back. I was unable to move both legs because both legs were numb. I reached for the phone and immediately called my Chiropractor. A friend drove me to his office. He carried me into the adjustment room. After my adjustment I could feel the blood rushing down my legs. After a few minutes he helped me stand up, and I walked out of his office.

My business partner had been having trouble with her arms going numb and she was very restless at night. She told me that the Army physicians were unable to help her. She had been on medication for years without really feeling better. I suggested she talk to my Chiropractor. Her comment, Oh, I've been to Chiropractors they have never been able to help me. My reply to her was, Well, you haven't been to my Chiropractor. She talked to her husband and decided to make an appointment with my Chiropractor. The rest needless to say is history.



Dr. Elliott and Staff:

Six years ago I suffered a back injury requiring surgery. Some bone fragments were removed, but nothing else was done. I have been suffering pain in my lower back, hips and feet for six years; all the while I was taking pain medicine which did not relieve my pain. The pain and side effects [from the medication I was taking] were so bad that I couldn't sleep. Finally, the pain forced me into early retirement. Then in February of 2006 the pain level increased and my doctor diagnosed me as a diabetic; it was at this time that I learned that I had Diabetic Neuropathy.

When I started treatment for my back pain I was relieved of the back pain very quickly and received many other benefits. Now that I had relief from extremely painful Diabetic Neuropathy, I was able to sleep better; I was able to start exercising again and in a few months I lost more than 50 pounds. I feel much better and now able to enjoy the activities the pain kept me from doing.

This letter of thanks and appreciation seems to be very short and inadequate to express my thanks. I wish I were better able to explain in words the years of pain and problematic side effects of medication and I suffered from for so long - which I have been relieved of thanks to Elliott Sonar Clinic.

Thanks to all of you!


Hi my name is Marci,

My life started out like this; Back in June of 2000 I was in a car accident out of this my spine was twisted. I had a hard time standing on my feet and I could not sleep. My hands would go to sleep. I hurt!

Then one Saturday morning I was listening to Mary's radio show. She has Dr. Elliott and Dr. Lori on the program at that time talking about their miracle and how it has helped me and others also. The miracle of living again without pain. There are those days when you do a little more than you should but overall there is great improvement so listen to the doctors, they can help.

God be with you,