Chiropractic Symptom: Seizures

Dr. Elliott and Dr. Sprague,

I have gone from approximately 3 grand-mal seizures a day to no seizures, thanks to my visits to Tulsa. My migraines are much better and I'm walking straight.

A Brief History

3 hospital stays, migraines about 4 days, major leg cramps, frozen or paralyzed hands, dystonia, skin rash, unbelievable strength when hands and legs cramp or lock, head tremors, violent head shaking, ect.

My Recent Hospital Visits

My doctors [neurologists] admitted not knowing what to do with me. They tried lots of medication-nothing worked. Then one last medication attempt in Wichita Falls, Texas hospital. IV-which threw me into grand-mal seizures [before the IV, I only had frozen hands]. I went by Ambulance to Dallas-having 2 big seizures on the way [non-epileptic]. In Dallas, with teams of neurologists diagnosed me with Conversion Disorder stress induced. Medication and Psychologist to follow. I missed 3 weeks of work and had [after returning home] 3 seizures a day. Nothing was helping. I heard of Tulsa through Dr. Mary Schrick in Oklahoma City. I wasn't able to walk unassisted. I needed help.

First Visit to Tulsa

You helped me to feel better about myself - you let me know it wasn't all stress. My x-rays showed brain stem injury [probably from snow ski injury in February 2001]. I walked in with help. The Next day, I walked straight with no help, NO seizures, no migraines, and no leg cramps. Unbelievable! After the 3rd visit, I'm so much better!!! I returned to work 2 days after my first treatment. We're all amazed! I even coached a softball game last week - less than 2 months from my 1st visit to you! I'm getting my life activities back and I don't need medication or psychologist [or medical doctors] at this point. Your staff is great. I have friends coming to you also with great results.

Thanks for everything!