Chiropractic Symptom: Slow Development

Dear Dr. Elliott,

I am writing you to update you in James' progress. As you know, soon after his birth, our son became severely jaundiced, with a recorded bilirubin level of 54. It took two blood transfers to bring his bilirubin to normal levels. However, the high levels affected his nervous system and he was diagnosed with dystonia.

Dystonia is a form of cabal palsy that manifests itself in fluctuating muscle tone. For James it meant that his body could be incredibly floppy, like a rag doll, one minute, and provoked by some external stimulus, became stiff as a board the next. As James got older, his muscle tone increased, making it nearly impossible for him to control his arms, legs, trunk and mouth.

When you fist saw him last November, James was just under two years old. He was unable to do many things that a child his age normally does. Examples include rolling over, reaching out and grabbing things, sitting up on his own, crawling, chewing food and speaking complete words. He was also very sensitive to any change in position. For example, prior to changing his diaper, he could be very relaxed. However, when you lay him on the changing table, his entire body would tense up, sending his arms and legs straight up into the air. This was very stressful for him, often resulting in fussing and even crying. Additionally, James almost never slept through the night-his muscles would sometimes become so active that their activity would wake him up. There were times when it was so stressful to him that he would grind his teeth.

When James was first treated with your SONAR device we saw an immediate difference. During the treatment, and right after, James' muscle tone decreased significantly! For the first time, he was able to reach out and grab his rattle [usually he would literally have to pry open his hands so that he could hold it.]! When I held him, he felt like a newborn child, completely relaxed. We discovered that James had really long arms, something we never knew because his hands were always clenched up at his face. And feeding him became so much easier because for the first time, he could open his mouth at will!

His progress continues to this day! I can actually lay him on his back and he doesn't stiffen up. In fact, we recently took him to see a physiatrist, a doctor who specializes in muscle tone disorders, and the physiatrist was amazes that he was able to do that during the examination! He is able to roll over, is starting to scoot, and walks several steps with his gait trainer. He has also developed much better head control. He is better able to keep it centered rather than off to the side.

James is now able to hold and use a sipper cup and is able to put a spoonful of food in his mouth by himself! His diet is now entirely made up of table food, rather than baby cereal and jarred baby foods because he is now able to tolerate different textures of food. His vocalization has increased [he is constantly babbling]; he in fact is able to say hi, up, and where are you! Finally, James generally takes a 2-hour nap in the afternoon and his sleeping through the night, [and now, so does us!].

James' progress has surprised therapists and other medical professionals! We are so grateful that you have developed this technology! Re-aligning James' atlas has continues to facilitate James' recovery. It is amazing to me that a simple, painless five-minute can produce such incredible results!

So many people need access to this technology. Thank you for making it available to us! It has changed James' life-and ours-forever!